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Fashion was always a big part of my life.

From early age my love for art in general and bridal dresses was presence.

When kids played in playgrounds I liked to play with fabrics.

I was asking my mom to take me watching showcases of dresses, I was looking for inspiration and my passion was born there.

My passion took me to Bezalel academy of fashion design.

While studying I sharpened my passion and the dream became a vision to become a fashion designer.

My inspiration comes from the history of fashion and the combination of  royal periods in history such as the Rococo, the Classic period and Modern art.

From Marie Antoinette in a royal dresses to Merilyn Monroe in a sexy &  unapologetic style.


My dresses combines classic style with modern elegance and create a unique silluete.

Couture dresses sewed in the highest level of accuracy, using meticulous technique which I weave complexed details and gentle  fabrics along with a flattering cuts that I will be especially accurate on you and by your measurements.


I invite you to meet me in my studio where we will start a fascinating & exciting journey to create the dress of your dreams.

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